50 Unsolicited Recommendations

Each and every one of these things gets five out of five stars.

All illustrations by Sophie Lucido Johnson.
A gallery in my bedroom of people I love, made of a pastiche of thrifted frames.
  • I’ve wrapped a present in a shitty newspaper, and it looks bad and dumb, but a ribbon elevates it twenty-fold and makes the present INSTANTLY look fancy. (Is this where the phrase “ties it all together” comes from?)
  • The cucumbers are growing faster than I am prepared for, and they need somewhere to go! I tie some ribbon to the stake and then attach that to the fence, and the cucumbers take to it like a kitten to a cream bowl.
  • It’s a costume party, and my hair needs a little something extra.
  • The cats are bored.
Luke with our cheap sled on a snow day before work.
These are all recipes from the Easter section of Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s “The Superfun Times Vegan Holiday Cookbook,” which has multiple menus for a TON of holidays. It’s a fun one to cook through because it’s really obvious WHEN to make the various recipes in the book.
Here I am hand-feeding a chickadee whom I’d never met before this day!
One example of a pet you might choose to have is a pig.
Here is Luke with the hammer from the anecdote below!
Montrose Beach in Chicago.
I bought these empty spice jars at American Science and Surplus for something like $0.20 a piece.



A person who writes and draws and eats her feelings.

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