Sophie Lucido Johnson

If you’re having a bad day, let me remind you: you’re doing a good enough job

Let me start with a confession: my feelings are bigger than normal people’s feelings. I have to buy all my feelings-related products in the Plus-Sized section.

Sometimes I want to go on a Feelings Diet to shrink my gargantuan emotions, but it never works. I am addicted to crying in…

One of four monsters is getting in your way. Here’s how to defeat it!

An old friend of mine recently messaged me out of the blue with a question I get from time to time from all kinds of interesting people: What advice do you have about writing more?

It’s rarely a question about writing better; it’s a question of production. How do you…

People with high self-esteem self-reflect, apologize, and are constantly growing into better versions of themselves.

Let’s be blunt: I have a lot of self-loathing.

Sometimes, when I’m getting enough sleep, eating enough vegetables, feeling safe in my relationships, and listening to a ton of Tara Brach podcasts, I think I have conquered the self-loathing. I think, “How silly I was last week, when I thought…

Emerging from the pandemic provides an opportunity to work on your people-pleasing tendencies.

Welcome to post-pandemic life! Welcome back to dining at restaurants with cloth napkins; watching movies in huge, dark theaters; chatting with your friends at living room parties; and dancing to your favorite band at a concert. There’s a lot to celebrate, huh?

But while I’m at it, I might as…

Weight gain isn’t among the most important factors for a healthy pregnancy. So why do we talk about it so much?

As I write this, I am 21 weeks pregnant. Everything I assumed would be true about pregnancy has been wrong — and if you want to read more about how epically wrong I was, I put up this much longer blog post detailing the minutiae of my breathtaking hubris.


Sophie Lucido Johnson

A person who writes and draws and eats her feelings.

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