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Sophie Lucido Johnson

Some of us have a problem.

Image by the author.

A long time ago, I stopped being seduced by brand new notebooks. People who write make all kinds of financially irresponsible notebook decisions, so this is a pretty big feat.

You know what I’m talking about, right? You’re at the bookstore you Yelped while on a three-day vacation (it’s so quirky how you always manage to find a bookstore wherever you go), and you’re thinking, “Man. I already have all the books I need. A holiday or my birthday recently passed. Five people I admire gifted me books. Plus I have that best-of-list-topping-novel I FINALLY got on hold from the…

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I know all the secrets, and I am ready to share.

Hello, my name is Sophie, and I am truly incredible at finding four-leaf clovers.

Here is some proof:

It’s been a rough year. Infuse your calendar with things you can look forward to.

All illustrations and photos by Sophie Lucido Johnson.

My favorite book is a children’s book by Byrd Baylor called I’m in Charge of Celebrations. It is a perfect book, and if you don’t have it or haven’t read it, please do yourself a favor and buy a copy right now. It makes a great present for any adult and for most children, so you won’t regret the purchase, and it’s only available in paperback, so it’s cheaper than a burrito.

The premise of the book is that the narrator lives in the desert, and she doesn’t celebrate regular holidays. Instead, she gets to choose her own holidays, and…

This Is Us

It can take a long time to decide you are ready to get the help you need

I have a new therapist.

I liked her the first day because she was kind and a little bit older and not a totally silent human being, which is something I look for in a therapist (and is not a given). The second session we got into a small fight, and the third one was fine but imperfect, so the jury is out. In general, it takes me about six sessions with a therapist to warm to them, to click into the thing they have to teach me.

I’ve had a lot of therapists, and some aren’t even memorable. My…

Each and every one of these things gets five out of five stars.

A month ago, I wrote 50 how-to mini-essays, and I thought it was fun! So for April, I figured it might be worth reprising the topic, and writing 50 mini reviews, all of things I would give five out of five stars.

Maybe there’s something on this list you’ve never tried that will make your life just a tiny bit better! I do believe that people living lives full of pleasure and joy are people who have more capacity to do the really important work in the world without getting burnt out. If you feeling your ends getting a little…

It’s as easy as it is rewarding

For a long time I have told people, with an amount of frustration, that I liked bird-watching before it was cool to like bird-watching. This isn’t actually true, as it has always been kind of cool to like bird-watching. Basically, all the cool guys of history have liked it.

Aristotle was super into bird-watching. He was also arrogant (as many of the great thinkers throughout time have been and still are), so he made sweeping false statements about birds. He saw birds disappear in the winter and, even though many early scientists were already onto migration, he told everyone that…

Let’s start with a piece of information that I hope you know already, but that you may not: cookies are the easiest thing to bake.

There are baking people out there who might argue with me, but what they are really trying to say to you is that it is hard to bake a GREAT batch of cookies, and that may be true. What is not hard is baking a perfectly fine batch of cookies that would all get eaten at an IRL party, and will all get eaten by you and your roommates within the next two days.


We’re not being vain. We’re just being human.

A close friend recently texted me that they felt “ashamed” because they “wanted to get more attention” for telling a story about their life.

From drawing a bird to forgiving your ex

Illustrations by the author

A few years ago, I was feeling lost. “Stuck in the weeds” was how I kept referring to my state of existence. A little voice in my head kept telling me, incessantly, “You can’t do anything.” It literally said those words!

One day, I woke up feeling tired of the voice. So I decided to slap back. “Surely I can do some things!” I said out loud. (A word of advice: It’s best to argue with the mean voices in your head in the privacy of your own home.)

I decided to make this a project: I would write about…

Indeed, conflict is one of the best ways to help relationships grow and strengthen.

This story begins with me uniquely ready to start the day.

I sat on the big, red reading chair in my study, listening to some kind of woozy chime music that people play in meditation studios, blissfully journaling at 7 a.m. Friends, I’d already exercised. I had a god damned green smoothie in my left hand, for heaven’s sake. The Sophie of this day was knocking the whole “morning routine” thing out of the park.

And then I heard my husband’s loud, loud punk music blaring from the kitchen. The kitchen! Four rooms away!

He had no regard for my…

Sophie Lucido Johnson

A person who writes and draws and eats her feelings.

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