All 58 Celebrity Cameos In This One ‘Sesame Street’ YouTube Video, Ranked

The most important list you’ll read all year.

Sophie Lucido Johnson


This is probably already obvious to you, but I have a new-ish baby. “Ish” because she is an age where is incredibly seduced by the charms Elmo, and honestly, I get it.

Her interest in all things Elmo is the reason why I have now seen this two-hour video on YouTube, titled “Sesame Street: Celebrity Songs Compilation with Elmo and Friends!,” probably 100 times. And as I watched it and watched it and watched it, I realized that I had opinions. And they were STRONG.

I anticipate a few complaints, and I’d like to address them before we begin.

  1. You may feel like I am being unfair to country music, just because it is country music. You’re probably right.
  2. You may feel like I have paid WAAAAY too much attention to the celebrities’ and the puppets’ respective outfits. You’re definitely right.
  3. You may feel like this doesn’t really matter. On one level, you’re right. On another level, no one has done this yet, and I am pretty sure this is the main thing the internet is for.
  4. You may complain that you don’t know who Luke is. He is my husband, and he has watched this video roughly half as many times as I have, which is still a lot.

Alright! Let’s do this thing.

58. Thomas Rhett — “This Is My Street”

This song is boring, pointless, and has offensively terrible rhymes. Case in point: “See people in the neighborhood / draw with Big Bird, that would really be good.” GIVE ME A BREAK. Children are not able to go to Sesame Street, because it’s on television, making the whole premise of this song unrelatable. This is a braggy snoozer where Thomas Rhett basically just says, “I get to go to a place you never get to go, children, hahahaha, take that.”


57. Ed Sheeran — “Two Different Worlds”