Yes, You Need This Deck Of Cards

The Fair Play Deck was designed for couples, but I think it’s for everyone.

Sophie Lucido Johnson
7 min readNov 16, 2023
All illustrations are, always, by me, the author, named Sophie.

Here’s some shocking news: The white “Problems For Weekend Sophie” bin by my bedside is empty, and it’s Friday. It’s Friday at the end of one of the busiest weeks of my calendar year, and so how is this possible?

In case this bin isn’t self-explanatory: I put things in there when I need the floor to be clean but I can’t possibly do any sorting or organizing or folding or putting of dresses on hangers. It is a tall bin, and it yet gets full quickly. I want to tell you I don’t put trash in there (Just put trash in the trashcan WHICH IS RIGHT NEXT TO THE WHITE BIN, Sophie!), but I do. I round up everything loose on the floor, think about it not at all, and put it in there en masse. They’re problems for Weekend Sophie, and she will deal with them when she’d much rather be in the garden with her daughter.

This week’s empty bin was made possible by The Fair Play Deck, which it seems like I am about to advertise to you. But I have no business advertising this product, as I’m not using it correctly. It goes with a book that I haven’t read, and is attached to instructions that are clear and concise and I think are shoved in our Wingspan box, and that’s fine. This is not to say that The Fair Play Deck shouldn’t be…