You Should Do A Nighttime Thing During The Day

I’m Sorry That I Will Have To Talk About My Period For 766 Words Before I Get To That, But It’s Absolutely Necessary, And You Will Survive

Sophie Lucido Johnson
7 min readOct 26, 2023

There’s no elegant way to say this: in the year 2000, I was pumped to get my period. It was the first time something that happened in movies happened in my actual life. And here’s what was true about my period: NOTHING IN THE MOVIES HAD PREPARED ME FOR IT!

I thought I was going to get, like, lovely vampire film blood — the thin kind, the consistency of water, odorless and texture-less. I thought the blood would come out for one day and deposit itself in a feminine gash upon a single Maxi pad in my underwear. I thought the Maxi pad wouldn’t be something I’d need to wear to bed, or something I’d think about in gym class. I thought I’d be able to see the egg in the blood, because it would be white, and the blood would be red, and weren’t humans not that different from chickens, in the end? I thought the egg and the blood and the maidenly Maxi pad would be the beginning, middle, and end of the period, and then it would be over for exactly thirty days, when it would predictably come again, like literal clockwork.

I thought it would be like this? I took this from this website.

If your body does not have periods, or you aren’t terribly familiar with…